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SPC-06: Workshop on applications of smart sensors and wireless sensor networks
The term smart sensor refers to those elements containing sensing and signal processing capabilities and understanding based on the existence of micro-processing unit, with objectives ranging from simple viewing to sophisticated remote sensing, surveillance, search/track, robotics, perceptronics and intelligence applications. On board processing at the sensor allows a portion of the computation to be done locally on the sensors’ embedded microprocessor, with self diagnosis and self-¬calibration capabilities, thus reducing that data amount of information that needs to be transmitted over the network. Smart sensors move some of the reasoning work down to the physical level without the intention of solving the entire intelligent environment design problem, but to provide intelligent functionalities within the confines of a single object and task.

Wireless sensor network (WSN) are spatially distributed autonomous sensors capable of cooperatively monitoring physical or environmental conditions. Applications of WSN range from habitat monitoring to health care applications, home automation and transportation systems, and are increasingly important for out-door ubiquitous measurements such as agricultural environments. More specifically, IEEE 802.15.4 addresses low data rate, low power and short-range radio frequency transmissions in a wireless personal area network. A number of state of the art IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor node platforms, (e.g., Tmote, Mica, IRIS and more recently eKo) are now at advanced stages of commercial development for deployment in many industrial and agricultural application areas, including environmental monitoring, machinery and biomass monitoring, animal behavior monitoring and controlling.

AgEng 2012 offers a one-day workshop together with half day general presentations and discussion focusing on smart sensors and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor network (WSN) technology that specifically covers the following contexts.
Chairwoman: Pilar Barreiro
Co-Chair: Esmaeil Nadimi
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