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SPC-03: IV International Workshop on Computer Image Analysis in Agriculture
The CIGR Working Group on Image Analysis for Agricultural Products and Processes is organising this conference aimed at increase the collaboration between institutions, enterprises and individuals in the field of computer vision and image analysis in agriculture.

This conference is open to all researches interested in optical systems for agricultural products and processes. This technology has grown considerably in recent years due to the increase of their technological capacity and lower prices of equipment.

These systems allow the automation of tasks and analysis in regions of the electromagnetic spectrum that are invisible to the human eye, can penetrate into the tissues and are capable of monitoring processes from far distances and inspecting products at a high speed that would otherwise not be possible.

The rapid advances of this technology open lines of research: hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy, microscopic imaging, real-time inspection, infrared themography, etc. This causes a constant need to develop new methods, systems and algorithms capable of deal with the large amount of information provided by these systems, and to create innovative developments that can be transferred to the industry.
The IV International Workshop on Computer Image Analysis in Agriculture is a forum for scientists, engineers and managers involved in the development of new techniques of computer vision and spectroscopy for agricultural applications in order to share knowledge in this field and achieve an improvement in productivity.

In addition to the publication of the proceedings, selected authors attending the workshop will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers for publication in a Special Issue of Biosystems Engineering on Image Processing for Agricultural Products and Processes. With your participation, we are confident that the Conference will be a great success.

José Blasco
Chairman of the IV International Workshop on Computer Image Analysis in Agriculture
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