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SPC-02: First International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applications in Agriculture

This parallel conference is organized by CFD working group of the Commission Horticultural Engineering of the International Society of Horticultural Science (ISHS) and CIGR Technical Section II.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a powerful simulation tool which uses computers and numerical methods to solve problems involving fluid flow. CFD has become very popular in all engineering fields including agriculture. CFD is now commonly used for various agricultural studies:  HVAC of agricultural buildings such as greenhouses, livestock houses and storages, but also to study atmospheric dispersion of odors, emissions and pesticides spraying drift, or to optimize production systems of renewable energy.
However, CFD practitioners in the agriculture engineering field are widely spread. For this reason, researchers and experts in CFD usually present their work and results as a part in various international forums and conferences like CFD in greenhouses in Greensys, CFD in livestock in Livestock Environment, or CFD in controlled atmosphere and storages in Postharvest, CFD in spraying drift in AgEng, etc. It means that there are very limited chances for them to share ideas and approaches.
This Symposium is a first attempt of creating a forum of discussion on the CFD technique applied to agriculture engineering. The main objective of the Symposium is to provide the opportunity to share research experiences and to promote networking among CFD practitioners in the field of agriculture.
In addition to the publication of the congress proceedings, all authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit a complete manuscript for publication in an Acta Horticulturae volume specific to this meeting.

We are very pleased to inform you that The First International Symposium of “CFD Applications in Agriculture” will be held as a parallel conference of CIGR & EurAgEng 2012 Joint meeting in Valencia, Spain. We hope this can be a valuable and productive opportunity for all CFD experts.
Ricardo Suay, Chair
In-Bok Lee, Co-chair
Thomas Banhazi, Co-chair
Murat Kacira, Co-chair
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